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Donation Campaigns

It takes a Village to help our Children in Need

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Please Join Donate Network Organization in Sponsoring our Diaper Drive for New Born Babies to Toddlers in Northern Nevada.

Your donation of diapers, baby wipes and baby formula will be distributed directly to nonprofits supporting disadvantaged mothers & fathers.

Our goal is to acquire:

  • 40,000 Diapers, Sizes 1-5

  • 80,000 Sanitary Baby Wipes

  • 525 Cans of Formula or 30,000 Servings of Powdered Baby Formula

  • 1,000 New Baby Outfits (All sizes - Boys and Girls)

Email your donation to:

Once we receive your donation we will contact you to schedule a pick up. 

Local Sponsors: Costco, Walmart, and other local businesses.

We are seeking  Project 2 'Non-Profit Start-up funds'. 

Project 1: Rebuild 20 donated workstations and then donate them to our local Children's Cabinet, Boy's and Girl's Club and other Non-Profits that work with Children.

Items needed:

  • 20 x 512GB  SSD hard drives

  • 40 x 8GB DDR3 RAM sticks

  • 20 x Wired Mouse and Keyboards

  • 20 x 23.8" 1080P Monitors 

Total rebuild and cost will be:  $5500

Thank you so much from everyone here at Donate Network Organization; we are honored to receive your donation.

Every donation received has the chance to Change One Child's Life at a Time.

Image by Olivier Collet
Donate Here: Projects
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